Mind X Magazine Testimonials

My wife and I both enjoy the magazine because it helps keep our old brains working. The variety of puzzles makes it good for different challenges and we always look forward to the next edition when completed.

Joe P.

I am very happy to pick up a copy once in a while, it brings hours of entertainment. Thank you, keep doing what you do.

Lisa H.

This is a great idea, I just wish you had more frequent magazines, I finish them in a week! I love the colouring pages too.

Stephen S.

I like to do Crosswords, I find these puzzles quite easy most of the time, however as  I am not a native Canadian there are references to Sports , Teams and players that I have to search for.

Barbara Litton

I love the variety of puzzles and that they have Canadian content.   I ride the ferry frequently and find the magazine easy to carry with me and a great help in passing the time while I wait.  I look forward to each new issue.  Thanks for producing such an engaging  magazine.

Heather Brewster

When I was a student in university, I worked the overnight shift at a grocery store from 11PM until 5AM. With only the occasional customer here or there, the nights seemed to be endless once I had completed all of my tasks.

After dusting and straightening out the magazine racks one night, I decided to pick up an issue of Mind X Magazine. With three hours of my shift remaining, I figured I could definitely use a brain exercise or two to help me stay alert. Boy, did it make the hours fly by! From that night on, I kept a copy of the magazine and a pen at my till every shift. By focusing on crossword puzzles and word searches (and eventually overcoming my fear of Sudoku) I was able to keep my mind engaged when the night shift started dragging me down.

I credit two things for getting me through all those graveyard shifts – black coffee and Mind X Magazine! Although I no longer work the graveyard shift, I am still a huge fan of Mind X Magazine and enjoy keeping a copy open and ongoing on my coffee table!”


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