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Mind X Magazine is unique to Vancouver Island as the only free adult activity magazine.

Companies, organizations and businesses advertise with us because of the wide age ranges of our users; from University and College students that want to take a break from their every day computer work, to older adults that enjoy the mental challenge on their own or as a group activity.  However, the majority of the copies are picked up by females between 55 and 65, with a stable income who are active travellers and community members.  This segment is very influential in the decision making when purchasing for their older parents, their own homes and their kids and grand kids.

By advertising in Mind X Magazine you get:

  • Distributing to +100 different locations up and down Vancouver Island
  • 20,000 copies are published each quarter
  • Mind X can be found in grocery stores, recreational centres, libraries, shopping centres, hospitals and many more places!
  • Magazine users range from young adults to seniors
  • Advertisement exposure is high due to the time it takes users to complete exercises on each page
  • Your logo gets added to with direct link to your website
  • Cross promotion in our Facebook page

We offer different options of advertising and discounts:

  • Single ad (1 issue)
  • 4 months (2 issues)
  • 8 months (4 issues)
  • 12 months (6 issues)

We have different sizes of ads:

  • 1/3 of page banner (rectangular)
  • 1/2  banner (square)
  • Full page
  • Covers

All issues are 20,000 copies each.

Packages can be designed to fit your budget. We can customize a word search to a specific business.

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Please contact us to request more information about rate options, timeline and printing specifications.

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